Chanukah Hanukkah

Hanukkah Begins on Thursday December 7th.

It is always best to pre-order any special items you would like during the busy holiday season by calling 215-357-3860 or stopping on in.

Hamantasch Many moons ago we had a baker that shared his family's delicious Hamantaschen recipe, and we've been using it ever since.

We carry Prune (Lekvar), cherry, apricot, raspberry, & Lemon and will make poppyseed to chocolate by order only.

Regular Hamantaschen are $2.40 each, $13.70 a half dozen, or $25.95 a dozen.

Miniature Hamantaschen only come in 5 flavors and are sold by the pound at $18.75 lb.

Chocolate Danish Rings (Very similar to Chocolate Babka - a Danish dough not a sweet dough) $12.45 each

or Chocolate Danish are the same price as Hamantasch above.

Chocolate Chip Cinnamon Streusel Loaves are $10.35 Each.

Vanilla or chocolate chip pound cake loaves butter cream iced with holiday sprinkles $10.35 van pc or $10.85 Chocolate chip pc.

Jewish Apple Cake We take fresh crisp apples and orange juice to make this moist and delicious cake. $12.45 Each

Decorated pound cakes or layer cakes for the holiday with blue, white, & yellow, dreidels & 6-point stars.

Note: Decorations will vary according to what we have in stock and may be different from what is shown in pictures

Hanukkah decorated Petit fours or Brownie bites are $18.75 lb. - best to order in advance.

Dreidel butter cookies are $19.75 lb. or $9.85 half pound. All hands cut and hand sugared like you made them at home.

Rugelach Pinwheels A cream cheese Danish dough filled with chocolate, apricot walnut, and raspberry walnut filling. Delicious. $18.75lb

Miniature Pastry Trays You can choose from 10 different items and sizes range for 2lb serving 8 to 10 to 8lb serving 32 to 40.

Trays average 4 to 5 servings per pound and any trayed items are $20.75 a pound.

Hanukkah Cupcakes

Standard cupcakes $1.75 each, $9.95 half dozen, or $18.90 Dozen

Special Butter cream Swirl Cupcakes $3.05 each, $17.40 a half dozen, or $32.95 dozen




 Michael Volz & Sister Diane Volz are the grandchildren of Willy & Martha Rilling, children of George & Martha Rilling Volz.  We are the 3rd generation of Rilling's Bakery.


From Delicious Danish Pastries to Unique & Beautiful Wedding Cakes, we are a full service Bakery here to help you.


In 1981 our family opened it's first bakery outside of Philadelphia in the Davisville Shopping Center located on Route 132 at 868 East Street Road, Warminster Pa. Bucks County.  This is our only location.

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